Where Did The Term Junkie Come From?

What does junkie mean in slang?


Disparaging and Offensive.

a person addicted to drugs, especially one addicted to heroin.

a person with an insatiable craving for something: a chocolate junkie..

Is a stoner a junkie?

Junkie is often a term used to describe an individual who is high off of a hard drug, or an obvious addict. Stoner refers to an individual who may be considered lazy and forgetful but always happy 😉 … The word junkie itself covers such a wide variety of drugs that it can be confusing. Stoner is used for cannabis.

What is a news junkie?

Noun. One who is addicted to the news. infomaniac. news addict. news buff.

How do you become a news junkie?

How to Become a News Junkie in 5 Easy StepsBuild habits in your daily routine. … Create ambient awareness of what’s happening in the news. … Critically evaluate what you should be monitoring. … Regularly expose yourself to fresh sources. … Identify the right tools and resources.Nov 23, 2016

What’s another word for lover?

WordHippoLover Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for lover?beaubelovedboyfriendsweetheartmistressparamourswaindarlinggirlfriendinamorata106 more rows

What does jinkies mean?

Filters Indication of surprise or amazementFilters. Indication of surprise or amazement. 2004:, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed – “Jinkies!

Can you be addicted to the news?

Addiction to news has become more prevalent with the increase in news channels and sources. Constantly following the news may make you feel connected to the world, but you are actually less engaged with real life.

What is another word for adrenaline junkie?

What is another word for adrenaline junkie?daredevilthrill seekerhotheadstuntwomanadrenalin junkyhotdogdeviltearawayshowboatmadman6 more rows

When was the word junkie first used?

1920’sThe term “junkie” originated from the 1920’s when heroin addicts would sell scrap metal and other junk to pay for their habit.

What is another word for junkie?

What is another word for junkie?fanloverbuffenthusiastfanaticfreakaficionadodevoteefiendaddict52 more rows

What does crack house mean?

made, used, or sold: a house or apartment where the illegal drug crack is made, used, or sold.

What is a crackhead?

: one who smokes crack.

How do you spell junkie?

WiktionaryJunkie (noun) a drug addict.Junkie (noun) a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something. “power junkies”Jan 20, 2020

What does crackhead mean on Tiktok?

a person who acts like they are addicted to crack cocaine. One who is unintelligent, absent minded. She is such a crack head. See more words with the same meaning: drug user.

What can I say instead of crackhead?

Synonyms & Antonyms of crackheadacidhead,cokehead,pothead,speed freak.