What Is The Mean Of Famous?

Who are the most famous people in the world?

Hall of FameDonald Trump.

Michael Jackson.

Age: 50 (August 29, 1958 to June 25, 2009) …


Age: 32 (October 24, 1986) …

Ariana Grande.

Age: 26 (June 26, 1993) …

Jennifer Lopez.

Age: 50 (July 24, 1969) …

Justin Bieber.

Age: 25 (March 1, 1994) …

Bill Gates.

Age: 63 (October 28, 1955) …


Age: 31 (February 20, 1988)More items…•Oct 14, 2019.

What type of word is famous?

adjective. having a widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature; renowned; celebrated: a famous writer. Informal. first-rate; excellent: The singer gave a famous performance.

How do you say someone is famous?

Famous and well-known – thesaurusfamous. adjective. if someone or something is famous, a lot of people know their name or have heard about them.well-known. adjective. … celebrated. adjective. … renowned. adjective. … fabled. adjective. … legendary. adjective. … notorious. adjective. … infamous. adjective.More items…

How can I become famous?

7 Simple Ways To Be Famous In One YearBegin By Making It All About Others, Not Yourself. … Get Your Face and Your Personality “Out There” … Provide Consistent, Public, Interesting, and Free Content. … Sponsor an Important Charity. … Develop Relationships with Influencers. … Work on Your Fame Everyday. … Cultivate your Guru Status.

How many is many?

Many is defined as a large number. But, what does a large number actually mean? In the case of a nine-person party, many might mean five, six, seven, or eight. However, in the case of 20,000 concertgoers, many would probably mean over 7,000 or 8,000–the exact number is indistinct.

What is the meaning of Vamos?

let’s goOne Spanish term that caught on with English speakers was vamos, which means “let’s go.” Cowpokes and dudes alike adopted the word, at first using a range of spellings and pronunciations that varied considerably in their proximity to the original Spanish form. … Get Word of the Day delivered to your inbox!

Who is the most famous person in the world right now 2020?

Kylie JennerForbes just released the 2020 edition of its Celebrity 100 list, ranking the highest-paid celebrities in the world. Topping the list is Kylie Jenner, who earned $590 million from June 2019 through May 2020.

A popular person is one who is a people’s person. He should be friendly and approachable by people. He should be helpful and empathetic. He should be a good listener and try to lead by example.

What is the same meaning of famous?

renowned, noted, notable, eminent, pre-eminent, leading, distinguished, esteemed, respected, venerable, august, of high standing, of distinction, of repute. illustrious, acclaimed, honoured, exalted, great, glorious, remarkable, signal, legendary, lionized, much publicized. notorious, infamous.

What does Famos mean?

FAMOSAcronymDefinitionFAMOSFloating Gate Avalanche-Injection Metal Oxide SemiconductorFAMOSFast Analysis and Monitoring of Signals (software)FAMOSFleet Applications of Meteorological Observations From Satellites

What is the meaning of famous person?

a widely known personfamous person – a widely known person; “he was a baseball celebrity” celebrity. immortal – a person (such as an author) of enduring fame; “Shakespeare is one of the immortals” important person, influential person, personage – a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events.

What does Unfamous mean?

not widely known or renowned: not widely known or renowned : not famous an unfamous actor She wished she was a famous writer already, and didn’t have to go through the unfamous stage.— Blue Balliett. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about unfamous.