What Is The Difference Between Noxious And Obnoxious?

Does toxic mean poisonous?

The definition of toxic is something poisonous, or something very harmful or bad.

A poison that will cause you to become very ill is an example of something that would be described as toxic.

A relationship that is very bad for your mental health is an example of something that would be described as toxic..

What does blotted mean?

1 : to spot, stain, or spatter with a discoloring substance. 2 obsolete : mar especially : to stain with infamy. 3a : to dry (something, such as writing) with an absorbing agent hastily blotted her letter.

What is the difference between noxious toxic and Injurious Plants?

As adjectives the difference between toxic and noxious is that toxic is (toxicology) having a chemical nature that is harmful to health or lethal if consumed or otherwise entering into the body in sufficient quantities while noxious is harmful; injurious.

What does the word exotic mean?

1 : very different, strange, or unusual. 2 : introduced from another country : not native exotic plants.

What is a toxic material?

A toxic substance is a substance that can be poisonous or cause health effects. People are generally concerned about chemicals like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxin which can be found at some hazardous waste sites. … Any chemical can be toxic or harmful under certain conditions.

What does sanguine mean?

sanguine \SANG-gwun\ adjective. 1 : bloodred. 2 a : consisting of or relating to blood. b : bloodthirsty, sanguinary. c : ruddy.

Can people be noxious?

Something noxious is harmful and could be even fatal — whether it is colorless, odorless, and invisible like carbon monoxide, or dark, strong-smelling, and obvious, like black smoke from a fire. People are called noxious too when they hurt others with cruelty or mental anguish.

What is the opposite of noxious?

innoxiousOf course innoxious is the antonym of noxious and a synonym for innocuous.

What are the characteristics of a sanguine person?

Here’s a look at the most common traits of sanguine personalities.Very Social. People with the sanguine temperament are social creatures. … Optimistic. Sanguine temperament people are optimistic. … Impulsive. … Excels in Communication. … Pleasure Seeking. … Live in the Present. … Tend to Exaggerate. … Need Constant Reassurance.More items…•Aug 3, 2020

What noxious stimuli mean?

A noxious stimulus is actually, or potentially, damaging to tissue and liable to cause pain, but does not invariably do so. … Other non-noxious stimuli may cause visceral pain or afferent discharges, comparable to those from damaging stimuli.

What chemicals can cause lung damage?

Chemical toxins and chemical warfare agents, such as tabun, sarin, soman, cyclosarin, VX nerve gas, sulfur mustard, chlorine, phosgene, and diphosgene, can cause life-threatening lung disease [1, 5, 10, 11].

Is sanguine a bad word?

Sanguine (as can be seen) does refer to blood. But nowhere (originally) did it carry a negative connotation. Perhaps sanguine gained a negative connotation when blood letting became a treatment for all manner of illnesses.

What are examples of toxic substances?

Natural Toxic ChemicalsMercury.Snake venom.Caffeine in coffee, tea, kola and cocoa.Arsenic.Ricin from castor beans.Petroleum.Hydrogen sulfide.Chlorine gas.More items…•Aug 12, 2019

Which gas is most toxic?

nitrogenBut surprisingly, amongst all the toxic, corrosive, and otherwise nasty gases that exist in industry, the most deadly of them all is the one we breathe in the most – nitrogen. Nitrogen (N2) is an inert and invisible gas that makes up about 78% (by volume) of the air we breathe.

What is another word for sanguine?

What is another word for sanguine?murderousbloodthirstysanguinaryhomicidalbloodymurderingsanguineousbloody-mindedsavagecruel60 more rows

What is the meaning of noxious?

1a : physically harmful or destructive to living beings noxious waste noxious fumes. b : constituting a harmful influence on mind or behavior especially : morally corrupting noxious doctrines. 2 : disagreeable, obnoxious this noxious political scandal— H. L. Ickes.

What is another word for noxious?

Some common synonyms of noxious are baneful, deleterious, detrimental, and pernicious. While all these words mean “exceedingly harmful,” noxious applies to what is both offensive and injurious to the health of a body or mind.

What are noxious fumes?

Glossary Term: Noxious Fumes Definition. A combination of inert and corrosive gases usually associated with exhaust fumes or industrial by-products gases which can cause corrosive effects on temperature and pressure sensors when exposed. Keywords. Smoke, Exhaust, Gas, Corrosive, Automotive, Diesel, Petrol, Gasoline.