What Is OC Number?

What does OC mean in drawing?

on-centerThe term “on-center,” often abbreviated “OC” (or “o.c.),” is commonly used in construction drawings, architectural plans, and woodworking designs.

It indicates that the given dimension refers to the distance between the center of one framing member to the center of the next member..

What is a main OC?

An OC stands for “Original Character.” DeviantArt even calls some fan-based characters “original characters,” even though they are not “original.” For example, he/she could be based off Nintendo, but has modifications to make it your own distinctive art.

What is OC in meme?

Oc means “original content.” When you upload a meme that you created yourself, not copied from somewhere, then you can upload it with OC caption. Not just memes but it can be used for any type of content that you created, like graphics, music etc.

What does OC mean in cleaning?

Occupied CleanOC stands for Occupied Clean.

What does OC mean in roleplay?

Original CharacterWhat does OC or Original Character mean in roleplay? An Original Character is created from the imagination of its writer. When a roleplayer builds an OC, they have the freedom to explore different styles and personality traits for whatever being they can dream up.

How do you make an OC?

Creating a Well-developed OCGet the term “Mary Sue” out of your head right now before reading this. … Don’t name the character after you. … Try not to make up a name. … Keep the fandom/settings in mind. … Meanings are important, but let’s not take it too far. … Multiple names…? … Modesty, let’s not go overboard now.More items…•Jan 21, 2012

What does OC mean in army?

officer commandingThe officer commanding (OC) is the commander of a sub-unit or minor unit (smaller than battalion size), principally used in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. In other countries, the term commanding officer is applied to commanders of minor as well as major units.

What does the OC stand for?

“O.C.” is an abbreviation of Orange County, the location in Southern California in which the series is set. … The series premiered with high ratings and was one of the most popular new dramas of the 2003–2004 television season.

What title is OC?

Officers of the Order of Canada (post-nominals: OC, in French: Officier de l’ordre du Canada) have demonstrated an outstanding level of talent and service to Canadians, and up to 64 may be appointed each year, not including those inducted as extraordinary Officers or in an honorary capacity, with no limit to how many …

Does OC mean free?

In its street usage, OC generally means ‘free’. At the East India Company, postal couriers sent by employees for company related work used to be categorized as ‘On Company Service’ or OCS. Several employees were known to send even their personal posts through the company service by getting it stamped as ‘OCS’.

What does OC mean in education?

position in the opportunity classStudents who gain a position in the opportunity class (OC) are offered the position for a two year period.

What does OC mean in scratch?

original character“OC” stands for “original character”. It’s simply a character that someone created (usually the person posting it).

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