What Is A Tattie Bogle?

What is a Bogle in Scottish dialect?

A bogle, boggle, or bogill is a Northumbrian and Scots term for a ghost or folkloric being, used for a variety of related folkloric creatures including Shellycoats, Barghests, Brags, the Hedley Kow and even giants such as those associated with Cobb’s Causey (also known as “ettins”, “yetuns” or “yotuns” in ….

Why is it called Boggle?

‘Boggle’ probably comes from ‘bogle’, a word for a goblin or specter. Horses were said to ‘boggle’ when they made a sudden jerky movement—as if startled by something human eyes couldn’t see. … But in the earliest known example of boggle in use, it wasn’t a mind or an imagination that boggled but some horses.

Is Bogle an Irish name?

Scottish and northern Irish: nickname for a person of frightening appearance, from older Scots bogill ‘hobgoblin’, ‘bogy’ (of uncertain origin, possibly Gaelic).

Is it Pernickety or persnickety?

The original Scottish dialect form was “pernickety,” but Americans changed it to “persnickety” a century ago. “Pernickety” is generally unknown in the US though it’s still in wide use across the Atlantic.

What is a Tattybogle?

tattybogle. A fictional Scottish creature, a distant relative of the Wild Haggis. First made popular by Ken Dodd and John Laurie in BBC Radio’s The Ken Dodd Show in 1970’s. “Wee tattybogle that you are!” ( mild insult)

Where is Tattie-Bogle?

ScotlandScotland has perhaps the quirkiest regional variation of all – the tattie-bogle. The tattie part is easy enough to decipher. Potato farming was widespread across Scotland, so much so that it was one of the country’s main sources of sustenance.

What is the highest score in Boggle?

2447The Boggle (Old) board with the highest number of points (2447) was: DSLRETAIPRNTUDES It was the only board to break the 2400 point barrier and only one of 23 boards containing 2000 points or more. The board contains 790 words including 72 words with 8 or more letters.

What does Pernicky mean?

1. excessively precise and attentive to detail; fussy. 2. ( of a task) requiring close attention; exacting. [C19: originally Scottish, of unknown origin]

What does the Scottish phrase Tattie-Bogle mean?

Scottish. : a scarecrow in a potato field.

What is a bogie in Scottish dialect?

bogie: a noticeable particle dislodged from, or extracted from, the interior of one’s nostril.

What does the game’s a bogey mean?

“The game’s a bogie” was a call used by children to indicate that a fault occurred in a game and it had to be abandoned and restarted.

Are bogies cigarettes?

A bogey cigarette is a just a regular cigarette. It’s slang like a blunt is for a marijuana cigar and a joint is a synonomous slang word for a marijuana cigarette. Cigarettes can be referred to as a numerous amount of things, such as cancer sticks, death sticks, stogeys, smokes, etc.

Is boogle a Scrabble word?

Yes, bogle is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is a bogie in slang?

slang. a piece of dried mucus discharged from the nose. 5. air force slang. an unidentified or hostile aircraft.

Is Pernickety a Scottish word?

To be ‘pernickety’ (or ‘persnickety’ in American English) is a fun word that means ‘precise or fastidious over details’. In addition, this term is a variation of the Scots ‘pernicky’, the origins of which are unknown.

What is a Glisk?

Word of the day: “glisk” – a gleam of sunlight through cloud; a glow of heat from a fire. Figuratively, a glimpse of the good (Shetlandic).

Is Bogle a Scrabble word?

BOGLE is a valid scrabble word.

What are Boggle rules?

The goal of Boggle is to score points by finding words in the random letters in the grid. The letters you use must be touching vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in a chain. You can’t skip or “jump” across letters. When you find a word, write it down on your paper.

Are plurals allowed in Boggle?

Any words (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc)., plural of, form of, or tense is acceptable as long as it can be found in a standard English dictionary. Words within words are also allowed: spare, spa, par, are, spar, pare. Proper nouns (Smith, Ohio, France, etc). are not allowed.

Where did persnickety come from?

Persnickety was first documented in English in the late 19th century as an alteration of pernickety, a word that has the same meaning. Pernickety goes back to the early 1800s, but from there, the word’s history gets messy.

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