What Happened To Pearl Fernandez And Isauro Aguirre?

How old would Gabriel Fernandez Be Now?

He was declared brain dead at a local hospital after being fatally beaten in May 2013.

Gabriel died two days later.


20 was Gabriel’s birthday, and this year he would have turned 16 years old..

What did Pearl Fernandez do to her son?

On May 22, 2013, Pearl Fernandez called 9-1-1 to report that her child, Gabriel Fernandez, was not breathing. Fernandez had been fatally beaten by his mother and Aguirre after failing to clean up his toys. … He passed away two days later on May 24, 2013 at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Is Pearl Fernandez married?

yesPearl Fernandez/Has Current Partner

What is Gabriel Fernandez siblings?

Ezequiel FernandezVirginia FernandezGabriel Fernandez/Siblings

How many years did Pearl Fernandez get?

15, 2018, five years after her son’s death. The then-34-year-old was sentenced to life in prison without opportunity for parole in June 2018.

Where did isauro Aguirre work?

Isauro Aguirre Worked as a Security Guard He was working security at the Vallarta Market in Palmdale. Before he would find a security job, he was a caregiver and a driver at a retirement home. Surprisingly, his former employers spoke highly about Aguirre in court and were shocked to learn about his heinous act.

Why didnt Pearl Fernandez get the death penalty?

Pearl avoided the death penalty after entering a plea deal which would see her plead guilty and receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole. … Pearl’s defence attorney had argued that due to her low IQ, the death penalty would be “inappropriate.”

Where is Ezequiel Fernandez now?

Virginia and Ezequiel now live with a relative in another state. Some reports say they are living with their grandparents. In 2014, Ezequiel and Virginia were part of a lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles, among other services in the city, for damages.