What Does PC Stand For Food?

What does F mean in cooking?

Fahrenheit – a temperature scale with 32°F as the freezing point of water and 212°F as its boiling point (to convert to Celsius, subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit, multiply by 5 and divide by 9)..

What does PC stand for in jail?

Protective custody (PC) is a type of imprisonment (or care) to protect a person from harm, either from outside sources or other prisoners. Many prison administrators believe the level of violence, or the underlying threat of violence within prisons, is a chief factor causing the need for PC units.

What does 2 eggs mean?

what does the 2 pieces mean for eggs? both yolk and white right. plus, is their a white version of this?

What is PC short for?

PC is an abbreviation for `personal computer’.

What does PC on Instagram mean?

Politically Correct”Politically Correct” is the most common definition for PC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. PC. Definition: Politically Correct.

What does G mean in recipes?

The relevant base units for cooking are: Mass: gram (g)

What does PC in police stand for?

police constablePC is an abbreviation for ‘police constable’.

What does C stand for cooking?

Tablespoon = T. or tbsp. Cup = C. or c. Pint = pt. Quart = qt. Gallon = gal.

What kind of doctor is a PC?

PC means professional corporation that he has formed to run his business activities. If he is board certified, he will also have other initials, such as FACOG (fellow of the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists), etc.

What does PC stand for in food service?

“PC” stands for portion control but it also stands for over 50 years of providing quality foodservice operators with the widest variety of single serve condiments in the most versatile sizes and formats.

What is PC Egg mean?

Politically CorrectIt means Politically Correct, but you can only find politically correct eggs in places like Berkley, or the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica.

What does PC mean after name?

professional service corporationProfessional corporations or professional service corporation (abbreviated as PC or PSC) are those corporate entities for which many corporation statutes make special provision, regulating the use of the corporate form by licensed professionals such as attorneys, architects, engineers, public accountants and physicians …

What are the cooking abbreviations?

Common cooking abbreviationsCooking Abbreviation(s)Unit of Measurementozounceptpintt, tspteaspoonT, TB, Tbl, Tbsptablespoon6 more rows

What does keep it PC mean?

: conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated. Other Words from politically correct Example Sentences Learn More about politically correct.

What does PC stand for in text message?

PC — Politically Correct. PC — Piece of Crap.

What does PC mean in a relationship?

Op Ed: Use ‘Partner’ Instead of ‘Boyfriend’ or ‘Girlfriend’ to Be ‘Politically Correct’

What does RM mean on Instagram edits?

RM means “Remake”.

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