What Does Haiver Mean?

What does wife Haver mean?

Haver (mostly) means “friend,” neshek means “weapons” and derekh means “path.”.

What does it mean to Haver up?

In Scottish English, haver (from the Scots havers (oats)) means “to maunder; to talk foolishly; to chatter,” as heard in the song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers. In British English elsewhere, haver means “to hem and haw; to be indecisive”

What does Fankle mean in Scottish?

to tangle, mix up; to become tangled; (formerly to trap, ensnare) n. a tangle, muddle. Fankle is a relatively young word in the history of Scots, first appearing in print in the poetry of Allan Ramsay in the eighteenth century.

What does Mair mean in Scottish?

Scottish: occupational name for an officer of the courts whose functions resembled those of an English beadle (i.e. a minor official who dealt with petty offenders) and who was known as a mair.

What is the Scottish word for quiet?

2. quiet, hushed [haud yer wheesht is to hold one’s tongue].

Is Wabbit a real word?

‘Wabbit’ is a Scottish word meaning ‘exhausted or slightly unwell’.

What does Stoorie mean in Scottish?

stoorie-drink (Per. 1915 Wilson L. Strathearn 269). A kind of oatmeal gruel, made in various ways but essentially consisting of a spoonful of powdery oatmeal with boihng water poured over it, the sediment being allowed to sink and the liquid drunk off as hot as possible, gen.

What is a Lassie girl?

Definitions of lassie. noun. a girl or young woman who is unmarried. synonyms: jeune fille, lass, young girl.

What does Drookit mean in Scottish?

Drookit – extremely wet / absolutely drenched.

How do you say shut up in Scottish?

Wheesht is the equivalent of “shut up.” “Gies peace man, wheesht.”

What does Shooder mean in Scottish?

Scottish National Dictionary (1700–) Hide Quotations Hide Etymology Cite this entry. ¶OWER-SHOODER, adj. Also owre-shooder. Over the shoulder, fig. nervous, apprehensive.

Who is wabbit?

(computing) A self-replicating program that (unlike a virus or worm) does not infect host programs or documents and remains on the local computer rather than spreading across networks of computers.

Is outwith a Scottish word?

The dictionary of Scots language defines ‘outwith’ as being a preposition meaning: ‘outside, out of, beyond’. While the Cambridge dictionary, which defines it as Scottish English, has it as simply meaning ‘outside’.

What’s the difference between Lass and Lassie?

As nouns the difference between lassie and lass is that lassie is (chiefly|scotland|northern england|geordie|northumbria) a young girl, a lass, especially one seen as a sweetheart while lass is (archaic|informal) a young woman or girl.

What does Crabbit mean?

(cra·bit) Dialect, chiefly Scot -adj. 1. ill-tempered, grumpy, curt, disagreeable; in a bad mood [esp. in the morning].

What does Haiver mean in Scottish?

Haver: To talk nonsense, gibberish; to speak rubbish. Regional variations may substitute “slaver” in this instance, which also means to drool or salivate, as well as talk nonsense. “Ach, you’re just slavering.”

What does wabbit mean in English?

The Scots word “wabbit'” (pronounced to rhyme with rabbit) means tired, run down, or lacking in energy.

What does Gies a Bosie mean?

The Broons knew all about words such as “Bauchle”, “Baffies” and “Bosie”. … All of these perjorative words are used colloquially in Scotland to describe a person who is foolish, annoying, stupid or a mess, and they all appear in the new edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.

What is an Irish girl called?

col·leen. (kŏ-lēn′, kŏl′ēn′) An Irish girl. [Irish Gaelic cailín, diminutive of caile, girl, from Old Irish.]

What country says Lassie?

(chiefly Scotland, Northern England, Geordie, Northumbrian) A young girl, a lass, especially one seen as a sweetheart.

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