Quick Answer: What’S The Opposite Of A Jerk?

What’s another word for startling?

Startling Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for startling?shockingsurprisingalarmingamazingastonishingextraordinarystaggeringstunningunexpectedjaw-dropping134 more rows.

What’s another word for unexpected?

Unexpected Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unexpected?fortuitouschanceaccidentalrandomunforeseencasualflukyinadvertentunplannedunintentional130 more rows

How do you use jolt in a sentence?

Jolt sentence example. The wolf’s were Elisabeth’s, and he felt the familiar jolt he always had from her. At every jolt he again felt unendurable pain; his feverishness increased and he grew delirious. Something warm touched her back, and a jolt of hot electricity made her sit upright.

What part of speech is jolt?

verbjoltpart of speech:verbdefinition 1:a sudden shock. The news of the attack gave us a jolt. synonyms: shock similar words: jardefinition 2:a jerk; movement that is or seems to be caused by a sudden, hard blow. He jumped out of bed with a jolt. similar words: jerk, jump, shock, startrelated words:jostle, push7 more rows

What is another word for involuntary movement?

Noun. A sudden involuntary movement caused by shock or surprise. jump. jerk. start.

What is the opposite of jolt?

What is the opposite of jolt?calmcomfortholdorderplacatesootheappeasesteadybe stillquiet25 more rows

What is another word for a jerk?

What is another word for jerk?cretinschmuckdipstickjackassloutsleazebagsleazeballslimeballtwitvarmint133 more rows

What is the opposite of involuntary?

Opposite of done without conscious thought or control. conscious. deliberate. premeditated. wilful.

What is the best synonym for startling?

startlingamazing,astonishing,astounding,blindsiding,dumbfounding.(also dumfounding),eye-opening,flabbergasting,More items…

What is the opposite of startling?

Opposite of likely to startle. unsurprising. comforting. expected. ordinary.

Why is jerk an insult?

The OED discusses this slang term in an entry that begins with the lashing and pulling senses of the noun. So it seems likely that in the sense of a stupid, worthless, or contemptible person, “jerk” probably derives from the physical motion of jerking, like the “jerk” in “jerkwater.”

Is jerk a curse word?

No, it is not a swear word. It is not among the taboo words. But it is an insult when used to characterize a person. As an insult, it is almost always directed at men.

What does the involuntary muscle do?

Involuntary muscles do not fatigue and can work continuously. These muscles are important as they are involved in the movement of the body parts and locomotion of the body. Involuntary muscles are involved in the movements of the internal organs and also aid in the passage of fluids and food in the digestive system.

What does sheepishly mean?

1 : like a sheep (as in being meek or shy) 2 : feeling or showing embarrassment especially over being discovered having done something wrong or foolish a sheepish look. Other Words from sheepish. sheepishly adverb.

What is a startling fact?

vb to be or cause to be surprised or frightened, esp. so as to start involuntarily.

What does startlingly mean?

: causing momentary fright, surprise, or astonishment a startling discovery.

Is Douchebag a bad word?

Some protested this word used as an insult, but a word that came from the idea that women are dirty and need cleansing is better used in that sense. Douchebag isn’t so bad. … It’s the new all encompassing word that can mean anything and be everything. You can throw it into any part of a sentence.

What’s the meaning of unexpected?

: not expected : unforeseen.

What does jolt mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : an abrupt, sharp, jerky blow or movement awoke with a jolt. 2a(1) : a sudden feeling of shock, surprise, or disappointment the news gave them a jolt. (2) : an event or development causing such a feeling the defeat was quite a jolt.

What is the best synonym for involuntary?

involuntaryreflex, reflexive, automatic, knee-jerk, mechanical, unconditioned.spontaneous, instinctive, instinctual, impulsive, unconscious, unthinking.unintentional, unintended, unplanned, inadvertent, uncontrolled, uncontrollable.

What does Starling mean?

: any of a family (Sturnidae, especially genus Sturnus) of usually dark gregarious oscine birds especially : a dark brown or in summer glossy greenish-black European bird (S. vulgaris) naturalized nearly worldwide and often considered a pest.