Quick Answer: What Is The Starting Pay At Sherwin Williams?

What does Sherwin-Williams do?

Founded in 1866, The Sherwin-Williams Company is a global leader in the manufacture, development, distribution and sale of paint, coatings and related products to professional, industrial, commercial and retail customers primarily in North and South America with additional operations in the Caribbean region, Europe, ….

Why do you want to work for Sherwin Williams?

Say you would like to grow your career in retail and you feel Sherwin-Williams is a great place to do it as it is a Fortune 500 company. If you are working with customers say you love interior design and love helping people and a career at Sherwin-Williams will allow you to do both.

How old do you have to be to work at Sherwin Williams?

18 years oldHow old do you have to be to work? 18 years old.

How much does Sherwin Williams pay sales associates?

The typical Sherwin-Williams Sales Associate salary is $12. Sales Associate salaries at Sherwin-Williams can range from $8 – $18. This estimate is based upon 250 Sherwin-Williams Sales Associate salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Is Sherwin Williams a good company to work for?

Sherwin Williams offers good pay and work/life balance. Benefits have been affected over the years by inflation, but in general they are pretty good. Team members are the best thing about working here. This company has lots of opportunities to grow and will support you on that journey.

How much do Sherwin Williams assistant managers make?

How much does an Assistant Manager make at Sherwin-Williams in the United States? Average Sherwin-Williams Assistant Manager yearly pay in the United States is approximately $45,514, which is 30% above the national average.

Is working at Sherwin Williams hard?

Sales Associate at The Sherwin-Williams Company First of all, expect to work pretty hard. Sherwin usually understaffs there store by at least one member. I am a part time sales associate and I typically get 30-35 during summer and 20-25 during school.

Does Sherwin Williams pay well?

The average Sherwin-Williams salary ranges from approximately $42,115 per year for Manager in Training to $55,860 per year for Manager. Average Sherwin-Williams hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.50 per hour for Assistant Manager to $13.98 per hour for Shift Leader.

How much does a Sherwin Williams painter make?

How much does a Painter at Sherwin-Williams make? The typical Sherwin-Williams Painter salary is $15. Painter salaries at Sherwin-Williams can range from $10 – $19.

Is Valspar owned by Sherwin Williams?

SHERWIN‐WILLIAMS COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF VALSPAR CREATES THE GLOBAL LEADER IN PAINT AND COATINGS. CLEVELAND, OH – June 1, 2017 – The Sherwin‐Williams Company (NYSE: SHW) today announced it has completed its acquisition of The Valspar Corporation (NYSE: VAL).

How long does it take to get hired at Sherwin Williams?

Completing the Sherwin-Williams interview process takes between two and four weeks, on average. The nationwide paint supply company hires for part-time and full-time positions using the straightforward interview process.

Does Sherwin Williams drug test employees?

No drug tests to get into the company, but you’ll be asked to take one if you get into a car accident on company time.

Does Sherwin Williams pay weekly biweekly?

3 answers. Sherwin pays bi-weekly. They pay every week. Friday.

How much do Sherwin-Williams sales reps make?

How much does a Sales Representative at Sherwin-Williams make? The typical Sherwin-Williams Sales Representative salary is $62,810. Sales Representative salaries at Sherwin-Williams can range from $18,232 – $105,304.

What does Sherwin-Williams pay hourly?

Sherwin Williams Co. Jobs by Hourly RateJob TitleRangeAverageCustomer Service SpecialistRange:$10 – $19Average:$14Production OperatorRange:$14 – $30Average:$20Assistant Store ManagerRange:$12 – $23Average:$17Retail Sales AssociateRange:$9 – $15Average:$113 more rows•Mar 29, 2021

How much do Sherwin Williams drivers get paid?

The typical Sherwin-Williams Delivery Driver salary is $12. Delivery Driver salaries at Sherwin-Williams can range from $10 – $16.

Does Sherwin Williams pay for college?

Sherwin-Williams offers tuition aid to employees pursuing work-related degrees.

Do Sherwin Williams employees get discounts?

The company discount is 40% all times and 50% in extra discount periods. … Discount includes 40% off almost all products and 50% the same products during quarterly employee appreciation sales.

Is Sherwin-Williams a union company?

Sherwin-Williams employs both unionized and nonunionized employees. The Company does not have any employees who are members of the SEIU.

How much does a Lowe’s employee make a year?

Lowe’s Home Improvement Salary FAQs How does the salary as a Lowes at Lowe’s Home Improvement compare with the base salary range for this job? The national average salary for a Lowes is $43,022 in United States, which is 261431% higher than the salary offered by Lowe’s Home Improvement for this job.