Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Staggered?

What does riotous living mean in the Bible?

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An extravagant, dissolute lifestyle, as in Two years of riotous living, and they’d squandered the entire inheritance.

This term was first recorded in 1389..

What is riotous Behaviour?

riotous Add to list Share. Anything riotous is disorderly, chaotic, and loud. Riotous things can also be abundant. Since a riot is a disturbance where people get out of control and become violent, riotous things are also loud, disruptive, and out of hand.

What is the opposite of riotous?

exuberant, lush, luxuriant, profuse, riotous(adj) produced or growing in extreme abundance. “their riotous blooming” Antonyms: moral, scarce, quiet.

What is the opposite of varying?

Opposite of changing or varying at regular intervals. constant. stable. unchanging. unvarying.

What is the opposite of classism?

What is the opposite of classism?equalityimpartialityjustnesscoequalityegalitarianismequitabilityequityisonomytolerancenon-discrimination3 more rows

What’s another word for staggering?

Staggering Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for staggering?surprisingastonishingshockingastoundingamazingstupefyingstunningstartlingjoltingflabbergasting44 more rows

What does assorted mean?

1 : suited especially by nature or character an ill-assorted pair. 2 : consisting of various kinds assorted chocolates.

What is the meaning of Egality?

“egality represents an extreme leveling of society” synonyms: egalite. see more. type of: equality, equation, equivalence, par. a state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally balanced.

What is the opposite of staggering?

Antonyms for staggering. diving (in), plunging (in)

What does staggered mean?

: to move or cause (someone) to move unsteadily from side to side. : to shock or surprise (someone) very much. : to arrange (things) in a series of different positions or times.

What is another word of manifest?

SYNONYMS FOR manifest 1 clear, distinct, unmistakable, patent, open, palpable, visible, conspicuous. 3 reveal, disclose, evince, evidence, demonstrate, declare, express.

What does differ mean?

intransitive verb. 1a : to be unlike or distinct in nature, form, or characteristics the law of one state differs from that of another. b : to change from time to time or from one instance to another : vary the number of cookies in a box may differ.

What does riotously mean?

adjective. (of an act) characterized by or of the nature of rioting or a disturbance of the peace. (of a person) inciting or taking part in a riot. given to or marked by unrestrained revelry; loose; wanton: riotous living. boisterous or uproarious: riotous laughter.