Quick Answer: What Is R In Phone Number?

What does R mean in Internet?


What does R mean in a message?

Requesting/R/ means “Requesting”

What does R mean on Android phone?

data roaming symbolThe capital ‘R’ that appears next to the signal bars on phones is the data roaming symbol. When you see it, it means your phone’s connected to a network that isn’t its regular one. … It can be turned on an off in your phone’s network settings.

What does LTE R mean?

LTE for RailwaysLTE for Railways (LTE-R) is a next-gen communications network dedicated for railway services, enabling high-speed wireless voice and data communications inside trains, from the train to the ground and from train to train.

What does R mean in social media?

What does an O in front of a phone number mean?

What does an R mean?

registered trademarksThe R symbol indicates that this word, phrase or logo is a registered trademark for the product or service. It must only be used in the case of registered trademarks and by the owner or licensee. It also must only be used in the regions in which you possess a valid trademark registration.

What does +44 mean in front of a telephone number?

+44 is the international dialing code for the United Kingdom. Using +44 at the start of a British number allows you to call this number from outside of the UK.

What is 0 before a phone number?

Dialling “0” before the mobile phone number was a practice followed for outstation mobile numbers before the government allowed inter-circle mobile number portability, which effectively meant that there was no trunk dialling when it came to mobile numbers and all numbers were considered local.

What does +1 mean before a telephone number?

When writing phone numbers, a “+” in the first position means the next one to three digits denote the country code. Therefore, “+1” means that the phone number belongs to NANP. In other words, the phone number is somewhere in North America. Technically, the + is a shorthand abbreviation that says “dial the I.

What does little R and R mean?

rest and relaxationabbreviation for rest and relaxation: a period of time when you stop working and rest: He went to his parents’ house in Florida for a little R & R.

How do you clean phone numbers in R?

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