Quick Answer: What Does It Mean To Be Jonesin?

What does it mean when you are jonesing?

: to have a strong desire or craving for something he was jonesing for a drink.



Definition of jones (Entry 2 of 7) 1 slang : an avid desire or appetite for something : craving..

What does Came mean sexually?

When a person is masturbating, or when they are having sex with another person, they become more and more sexually excited. They may reach a peak of sexual excitement, which is called an orgasm or ‘cumming’.

What is meant by the phrase keeping up with the Joneses quizlet?

What is meant by the phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses” and how does this concept impact savings habits? A company that offers insurance policies to the public, either by selling directly to an individual or through another source such as an employer’s benefit plan. You just studied 25 terms! 1/25.

Where did the term Love Jones come from?

: Does anyone know where the term “love jones” comes from? The short answer is from “jones” meaning drug withdrawal. JONES – “One of the most common surnames in American English, Jones, has in its spare time developed two drug-related slang meanings. In 1962, David Maurer picked up ‘jones’ meaning a drug habit.

What does Daggone mean?

adjective. informal North American attributive. Used to express feelings of annoyance, surprise, or pleasure. ‘now just a doggone minute’

Why do we say jonesing?

It is said to come from Jones Alley in Manhattan where junkies used to live. E.g.: “Baseball Jones”: needing baseball, “love Jones”: a dire craving for someone, “Jonesing for some MJ”: wanting some marijuana.

What’s another word for jonesing?

What is another word for jonesing?cravingdesiringwantingcovetinglonging foryearning forhungering forthirsting fordesideratingfancying18 more rows

What is Jonzing?

Jonzing World is a full Service Entertainment, recording & talent management company founded by D’PRINCE.

Is Doggone a bad word?

Euphemism for “god damn it”.

What does love jones mean in slang?

Love Jones. … Not serious like grave or somber but serious in the sense that it wasn’t silly and/or flighty. The word “jones” originally came from the heroin addicts who hung out in Manhattan’s Great Jones Alley.

What does the term keeping up with the Joneses mean?

: to show that one is as good as other people by getting what they have and doing what they do people trying to keep up with the Joneses by buying expensive cars and clothes that they can’t afford.

What love big means?

1 tr to have a great attachment to and affection for. 2 tr to have passionate desire, longing, and feelings for. 3 tr to like or desire (to do something) very much. 4 tr to make love to.

What is the synonym of craving?

Some common synonyms of crave are covet, desire, want, and wish. While all these words mean “to have a longing for,” crave stresses the force of physical appetite or emotional need.

Where did the saying dog gone it come from?

As for “doggone it,” the expression probably originated as a euphemism for “goddamn it.” The Oxford English Dictionary says “dog-gone” is “generally taken as a deformation of the profane God damn.”

What is the Jones effect?

Simply put, The Jones Effect means that people want to follow what is popular or trending today – or to have what other people have. It is a method to make people feel that they could be left behind or out of touch with what is trending, and so motivate them to make a purchase to keep up with everyone else.

How do you keep up with the Joneses?

How to Stop Trying to Keep Up with “the Joneses”Get clear on your own values. It’s important that your money habits line up with your personal values. … Plan for the things that make you happy. I don’t believe that sticking to a budget means you aren’t allowed to do anything that makes you happy. … Get better friends.

What does jounce mean?

intransitive verb. : to move in an up-and-down manner : bounce. transitive verb. : to cause to jounce.

Is jonesing a word?

Verb: To experience the symptoms of withdrawal from heroin; (later also) to feel a physical craving for any addictive substance. Today, the OED adds that it also means “to feel a physical craving for any addictive substance.” …

What does I’ll be doggone mean?

adjective, superlative dog·gon·est. damned; confounded: a doggone fool; Well, I’ll be doggoned.