Quick Answer: What Does It Mean KKKK?

What does Kkkkk mean in Spanish?

Yes, kkkkk basically means LOL (Laughing Out Loud).

In Brazil, at least.

The Portuguese mostly use “hahaha” or “ahahaha”..

What is Portuguese LOL?

lol (laugh out loud) [abbreviation] rir em voz alta.

What does RSRS mean in texting?

Rsrs is a laughing acronym, possibly short for risos or risadas, both meaning laughter.

What does Huehuehue mean?

Huehuehue is an onomatopoeia of laughter. That being said, if you told me you were British, or American, or Indian, or whatever, and I laughed, you wouldn’t like it very much.

How do you laugh in Portuguese?

2 Answers. The “rs” commonly seen in conversations throughout the internet, is an abbreviation of “risos” (laughs). Depending on how a person pronounces it, it can also sound like a laughing (quite weird, but sounds like one…). Just like “kkkk”, “hahaha”, and so on.

What is the full form of RSR?

RSRRegulatory And Statistical Return Governmental » US GovernmentRate it:RSRRetail Systems Research Academic & Science » ResearchRate it:RSRReally Simple Reporting Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:RSRRoutine Safety Rounds InternationalRate it:RSRRennSport Rennwagen Sports » RacingRate it:20 more rows

What does KK mean from a guy?

It’s easy to guess the meaning of this abbreviation The kk online acronym simply means “okay” or “message acknowledged.” It’s the same as nodding in person or saying “cool,” “gotcha,” etc.

Is saying OK rude?

Gretchen McCulloch, an internet linguist and author of the upcoming book Because Internet, said OK is not inherently rude but the length of a reply matters. “Anything that’s shorter can sound curter, anything that’s longer can sound more polite,” McCulloch said.

What does K mean in Portuguese?

kaThe letter “k” in Portuguese is pronounced “ka”. So when Portuguese speakers (Brazilians in particular) want to express laughter in writing, one way that they do it is by writing “kkkkkk”. … In other words, the sound of laughter. It’s onomatopoeia.

What is Hahaha in Portuguese?

there are many ways of expressing a laughter in Portuguese, especially in chats. Some of them are: rsrsrs – (stands for ‘risos’ = smiles) so one is not necessarily ‘laughing’. hahaha – one is laughing.

What does KK mean in texting?

OkayKK means “Okay.” The abbreviation KK is a short form of the expression “Okay”, used to acknowledge a message and indicate that it has been understood. KK is widely considered a safe or neutral way of acknowledging a message.

What does SRS mean in texting?

SeriousSerious. On social media and in texts, SRS is most commonly used as a contraction of the word “Serious.” In this context, it is often found in terms such as ‘SRS BZNS’ (Serious business) and ‘Y SO SRS?’ (Why so serious?).

Is texting KK rude?

According to Urban Dictionary: “Importantly, using ‘kk’ instead of ‘Okay’ avoids any suggestion of sarcasm or doubt. There are lots of ways of inflecting Okay. kk is just pure acknowledgement; your message is received.