Quick Answer: What Does Cajole Mean?

How do you use cajole in a sentence?

(1) It is difficult to cajole him into consent.

(2) He really knows how to cajole people into doing what he wants.

(3) I managed to cajole his address out of them.

(4) Aid workers do their best to cajole rich countries into helping..

How do you cajole someone?

5 Incredibly Effective Ways to Get People to Do What You Want. You can get what you want in life if you follow a few simple techniques of persuasion. … Always tell the backstory. Again, I’m learning. … Learn to have patience. … Focus on the relationship. … Stop demanding and cajoling. … See the bigger picture.Aug 5, 2015

What is the opposite of cajole?

What is the opposite of cajole?repelrepulserevoltdisgustdeterdiscouragedisenchantdissuadehorrifynauseate12 more rows

How do you convince someone to follow you?

10 Ways to Convince Others to Follow YOU!Always get a clear snapshot of the situation as it is today. … Decide what is the most important thing to solve for. … Get the facts straight. … Know your audience. … Ask for permission to solve the problem. … Don’t ask for permission to solve the problem. … Tell em what is solved.More items…•May 7, 2006

What does candor mean?

Candor, related to the adjective candid, refers to straightforward honesty or frankness in speech or expression.

How do you be persuasive and get what you want?

How To Be Persuasive And Get What You Want EasilyYou need to give your “audience” what they want and desire. … Don’t require the “audience” to change too much. … Make your audience like you. … Make your audience trust you. … Use emotional strategies to persuade them. … Use logic to persuade your audience. … Use your personal qualities.Apr 7, 2021

What does candid girl mean?

being honest, telling the truthmeaning adjectives. According to various unnamed dictionaries, candid means “being honest, telling the truth”. However, when I googled the word, a lot of pictures of women in bikinis popped up!

What does cajole mean in English?

cajole, coax, soft-soap, blandish, wheedle mean to influence or persuade by pleasing words or actions. cajole suggests the deliberate use of flattery to persuade in the face of reluctance or reasonable objections.

What does diligent mean?

: characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort : painstaking a diligent worker.

How do you get people to do something they don’t want to do?

How to Convince People to Do Things They Absolutely Don’t Want to DoDoing all or most of the work yourself. This approach usually fails. … Trying to get the team to agree on who should do what. … Tattling on the weakest links. … Make friends before you make progress. … Extend the first favor. … Ask, don’t tell.

What are synonyms for cajole?

Synonyms & Antonyms of cajoleblandish,blarney,coax,palaver,soft-soap,sweet-talk,wheedle.

How would you describe a diligent person?

The definition of diligent is hard working and done with painstaking effort. An example of diligent is a worker who always stays late to get projects done on deadline.

What is the difference between honesty and candor?

while candor does relate to honesty, it usually has a sense of being not only honest, but direct, frank, or otherwise outspoken. … So this means that by being sincere while being honest means being direct, but also in a considerate way.

What does disheveled mean?

: marked by disorder or disarray. Examples: The young man’s wrinkled suit gave him a disheveled appearance. ”

What part of speech is cajole?

cajolepart of speech:transitive verb & intransitive verbinflections:cajoles, cajoling, cajoleddefinition:to coax or persuade insistently, as by flattery or false promises. He tried to cajole the teacher into letting him retake the exam. similar words: charm, talk, wheedlerelated words:coax, get, lure, persuade, prevail2 more rows

What is the meaning of the word hostility?

1 : an unfriendly or hostile state, attitude, or action They showed no hostility toward strangers. 2 hostilities plural : acts of warfare. hostility.

Are diligent and hardworking the same?

As adjectives the difference between diligent and hardworking. is that diligent is performing with intense concentration, focus, responsible regard while hardworking is of a person, taking their work seriously and doing it well and rapidly.

Why is being diligent important?

The habit of being persistent and making hard-working effort in your work or duties may be a painful activity, but, undergoing a significant change it brings you impressive achievements eventually. Not only does it cause you to achieve your goals but it also makes a favorable impression on others.

Is candor a good thing?

Here’s the thing. Transparency and candor in the workplace are absolutely good and important. The tangible and intangible costs of lack of engagement and collaboration within an organization are substantial. Unfortunately, candor and honest feedback can be destructive when used as, or perceived as, weapons.