Quick Answer: How Much Is Del Boy Worth?

How much did David Jason earn from Only Fools and Horses?

Only Fools and Horses legend Sir David Jason, 80, still earns a cushty £1 Million a year.

He’s the acting legend, known for his roles in Open All Hours, A Touch Of Frost and of course Only Fools and Horses..

Are Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason still friends?

Nicholas loves flying and is still best friends with Only Fools and Horses co-star David Jason… Nicholas Lyndhurst is known to millions of Only Fools and Horses fans as “plonker” Rodney Trotter. Alongside David Jason as Del Boy, Nicholas struck up one of television’s greatest ever comedy double acts.

Is Del boy still alive?

His most recent appearance in the role of Del Boy was in 2014; he retired his role as Frost in 2010….David Jason.Sir David Jason OBEOccupationActor, comedian, screenwriter, executive producerYears active1963–presentSpouse(s)Gill Hinchcliffe ​ ( m. 2005)​Partner(s)Myfanwy Talog (1977–1995, her death)5 more rows

How much did Del Boy sell the watch for?

IT WAS the pocket watch that made Del Boy and Rodney overnight millionaires in Only Fools And Horses. However, the so-called Harrison Lesser Watch that sold for £6.2million in the BBC sitcom is tipped to make a mere £15,000 when it goes under the hammer later this month.

How did Del Boy lose all his money?

The episode opens with Del Boy and Rodney explaining their latest holiday to a barrister. … Later, Del learns that the Central American stock market has crashed, meaning the Trotters have lost all their money. The Trotter family escapes from the hotel without paying.

Why does David Jason have a scar?

He has a scar under his eye. He was told he had what it took to make it as a professional actor at the age of 22. He was a huge fan of The Goon Show (1968) and the first time he went to the theatre was to watch a recording of it.

Is Denzil from Only Fools and Horses Dead?

In a career spanning more than 45 years, he is best known for playing Denzil in Only Fools and Horses and Horse in The Full Monty….Paul Barber (actor)Paul BarberYears active1974–presentNotable workOnly Fools and Horses2 more rows

Does David Jason have a child?

Sophie Mae JasonDavid Jason/ChildrenDavid Jason, 80, welcomed his now-teenage daughter Sophie when he was 61, and opened up about her childhood in a previous interview.

How old is David Jason now?

81 years (February 2, 1940)David Jason/AgeThe character of Grandad was made to look much older than Del but the actors themselves were closer in age than you might imagine. Lennard Pearce, who played Grandad, would have had his 106th birthday today (Tuesday, February 8), while David Jason is 81.

How much is Rodney Trotter worth?

Nicholas Lyndhurst Net WorthNet Worth:$5 MillionGender:MaleHeight:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)Profession:ActorNationality:England1 more row

Who is Jasons wife?

Gill Hinchcliffem. 2005David Jason/Wife

How old is delboy?

In “Go West Young Man” (series 1, 1981), it is implied that he is 35, giving him a birth year of 1945/46. In “A Losing Streak” (series 2, 1982) and “Thicker than Water” (series 3, 1983), he claims that their father left in 1965, on his 16th birthday, making his birth year 1949.

What episode does Del Boy become a millionaire?

In the episode, the Trotters finally become millionaires….Time on Our Hands.”Time on Our Hands”Episode no.Episode 15 (Christmas Special)Directed byTony DowWritten byJohn SullivanProduced byGareth Gwenlan4 more rows

Who is Jasons daughter?

Sophie Mae JasonDavid Jason/Daughters

How did Del Boy become a millionaire?

In this episode the Trotter brothers Del Boy and Rodney finally become millionaires after finding a rare pocket watch. They discover that the watch in their lock-up garage is in fact a John Harrison marine chronometer – the ‘Harrison Lesser Watch’ – which then goes on to sell at a Sotheby’s auction for £6.2m.