Question: Who Was Meant To Playa Del Boy?

Why was trigger called trigger?

Rock & Chips Trigger went to school with Del, Boycie, Denzel Tulser, Roy Slater and Jumbo Mills.

Due to his haircut he later gained the nickname “Trigger” as his haircut made him look like a horse..

Why do we say Bob’s your uncle?

“Bob’s your uncle” is a way of saying “you’re all set” or “you’ve got it made.” It’s a catch phrase dating back to 1887, when British Prime Minister Robert Cecil (a.k.a. Lord Salisbury) decided to appoint a certain Arthur Balfour to the prestigious and sensitive post of Chief Secretary for Ireland.

How much is Del Boy worth?

The TV legend has a fortune of £6.9million, according to Spear’s magazine. He is best known for playing the part of Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses.

Was Del Boy meant to fall through the bar?

According to The Telegraph, John Challis, who played Boycie, said: “Roger happened to be at the BBC at the time and he had a break. “So they found Trigger’s blue suit and stuck him in this scene, which was almost improvised. … Sorry John, as you know, it definitely was.

Why does Del Boy say Gordon Bennett?

The expression is primarily used in the UK even though Gordon Bennett was an American. It comes from the name of newspaperman James Gordon Bennett, Jr. (1841-1918). … The term Gordon Bennett alludes to his wild ways, and perhaps originated as a euphemism for gorblimey.

What football team did Del Boy support?

Millwall F.CIn “Rodney Come Home” it is revealed that Del supported Millwall F.C.

What does Del Boy say in French?

“Mon dieu!” Del Boy’s meaning: You idiot. Actual meaning: My God!

Who turned down Del Boy role?

Jim BroadbentFirst choice to play Del Boy was the actor Enn Reitel, but he was tied up with other work. Next to be approached was future Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent, who also turned down the role. With ‘Horses’ ready to roll and no Del in sight, it was all getting a little worrying.

Why do we say Bloody Nora?

Bloody Norah was originally called Norah and the maid for the wealthy Duke Wodingtonshire in the 17th century. She earned the name Bloody Norah after she killed a servant of the duke with a stick of celery. … After a long struggle Norah escapes and leaving the Battered Duke cussing to himself “Bloody Norah!”.

Why did grandad Leave Only Fools and Horses?

The character of Grandad was written out of the original show following the death of the actor Lennard Pearce but is a main character (called frequently by his real name “Ted”) in the 2010-2011 prequel series Rock & Chips. … Grandad is seen in the first series of Only Fools and Horses.

Is Tyler Del Boy’s son?

Tyler Boyce is a character appearing in Only Fools and Horses. He is son to Aubrey Boyce and his wife Marlene. His story is continued in the spin off series The Green Green Grass, which began filming in June 2005, in which he and his family fled from The Driscoll Brothers to the countryside.

What was Only Fools and Horses originally going to be called?

Only Fools and Horses wasn’t always the name of our favourite BBC sitcom. The original working title was ‘The Readies’ which is the slang term for a £50 note. It could have also been called Big Brother which we know is the title of the first episode.

Where was Only Fools and Horses filmed in Bristol?

Bristol North BathsOnly Fools and Horses Filming Locations: Bristol North Baths – Find That Location.

Is Gordon Bennett a swear word?

Gordon Bennett This man’s name is often used in place of a swear word when making an exclamation of anger, surprise or frustration. … Gordon Bennett used his inheritance to sponsor the Bennett Trophy in motor racing from 1900 to 1905, and in 1906 established a hot-air balloon race that is still held today.

Did Del Boy marry Rachel?

Raquel Turner was a character in Only Fools And Horses who first appeared in Dates. She is the common law wife of Derek “Del Boy” Trotter and mother to Damien Trotter. … It turned out that Raquel was the ex wife of Roy Slater, her previously much referred to but never identified estranged husband.