Question: Where Was Love Jones Filmed?

How long is the movie Love Jones?

1h 50mLove Jones/Running time.

How does love jones end?

When she exits the club Darius pursues her which results in them deciding to give their love another chance and then the film fades to black and we are left to assume that Nina and Darius go on to live happily ever after.

Who wrote love jones?

Theodore WitcherLove Jones/Screenplay

Is the movie Love Jones on Netflix?

One of the popular 90’s classics, Love Jones, starring Larenz Tate and Nia Long, will officially be available for streaming on November 9th. … The 90’s romance movie is set to come to Netflix on November 1st.

Is Love Jones on Amazon Prime?

Watch Love Jones | Prime Video.

How old is Larenz Tate?

45 years (September 8, 1975)Larenz Tate/Age

What Love Jones mean?

intense, burning desire. I got a serious jones for him. I’ve got a love jones.

Where did love jones take place?

Chicago’s”Love Jones” is a love story set in the world of Chicago’s middle-class black artists and professionals–which is to say, it shows a world more unfamiliar to moviegoers than the far side of the moon. It is also frankly romantic and erotic and smart.

Who directed Love Jones?

Theodore WitcherLove Jones/Directors

How old is Nia Long?

50 years (October 30, 1970)Nia Long/Age

How tall is Larenz Tate?

1.7 mLarenz Tate/Height

Is Nia Long married?

yesNia Long/Has Current Partner

What Streaming Service Is Love Jones on?

HBO MaxLove Jones streaming: where to watch online? Currently you are able to watch “Love Jones” streaming on HBO Max.