Question: Whats Does BBG Mean?

What does SM mean in Snapchat?

Online, SM, or sm, can stand for so much (e.g, I love you sm)..

What does RAB mean on a car?

Reverse Automatic BrakingAdvanced Safety Package: Reverse Automatic Braking (RAB) * When in Reverse, this system uses four sensors on the rear bumper to detect obstructions behind the vehicle. If detected, the system can alert the driver with warning sounds and automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision or reduce collision damage.

What does BBG mean in relationships?

Bbg is an abbreviation for “baby girl,” which is typically used online or in text messages. It is a modern term of endearment reserved for female loved ones.

What does BBG mean from a guy?

Better Be GoingFirst definition for BBGBBGDefinition:Better Be GoingType:AbbreviationGuessability:3: GuessableTypical Users:Adults and Teenagers

What does RAB mean in text?

RAB means “Random Ass Bitch” So now you know – RAB means “Random Ass Bitch” – don’t thank us. YW! What does RAB mean? RAB is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the RAB definition is given.

What does KK mean in text?

message acknowledgedIt’s easy to guess the meaning of this abbreviation The kk online acronym simply means “okay” or “message acknowledged.” It’s the same as nodding in person or saying “cool,” “gotcha,” etc. It’s common to see kk or KK as a text message abbreviation or when you’re playing online games.

What does HBD mean on snap?

HBD is an acronym for Happy Birthday. It’s often seen as a lazy way of messaging someone on their birthday.

What does ONB mean in Snapchat?

ONB — Overnight Bin. ONB — One Night Band.

What does VS mean in music?

Vs: means ‘versus’, is mostly used when mashing up or mixing two songs together, or when a studio has two artists work on heir own parts but into a single song(this is in a competitive manner)

How do you write featuring songs?

It’s short for ‘featuring’, and also is sometimes written as “feat.”. Seen with another artist’s (or multiple featuring artists’) name, for example; “Jane Smith – Song ft. John Smith”.

What does FT mean when texting?

The Meaning of FT FT means “F*** That” or “For Trade” So now you know – FT means “F*** That” or “For Trade” – don’t thank us. YW!

What does FT mean in Snapchat?

FaceTimeFT means FaceTime on Snapchat. FT means FaceTime on the text.

What does YWW mean in slang?

2) YWW — Youre in Weymouth Weym. YWW — You will Win. YWW — Youngs Western Wearhouse. YWW — Yawarawarga: a language of Australia.

Is Rab a Scrabble word?

No, rab is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does feat or ft mean?

‘feat’ or ‘ft’ is a short form for ‘Featuring’. ‘Feat’ is usually used when 2 artists collaborate on the same song. For example, Eminem ft. Rihanna in the song ‘Love the way you lie’.

What does YW BBG mean?

Best Be GoingBBG means “Best Be Going” So now you know – BBG means “Best Be Going” – don’t thank us. YW! What does BBG mean? BBG is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the BBG definition is given.

What does FT mean?

ft. is a written abbreviation for feet or foot.

What Ft means in songs?

Featuring (ft.), used when crediting a secondary artist on a musical recording.

What does BBG mean on Tik Tok?

baby girl69. yes I know bbg means baby girl I think😭😏

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