Question: What Words That Start With R?

What is a noun that starts with R?

50 Nouns Starting With RNounDefinitionSynonymroada path, course, or space for traveling between placesstreet, highway, avenuerocka hard mass of stonemineral, stone, pebblerolea part that somebody performs in a job or activitycapacity, duty, functionrooma space made for people to be inaccommodation, apartment, dormitory46 more rows.

What is a 5 letter word starting with R?

5-letter words starting with RRaadsRaaheragderagedrageeragerragesraggaraggsraggy25 more rows

What is the longest word that starts with R?

18-letter words that start with rrhinolaryngologist.representativeness.radiocommunication.radiometallography.radiculoneuropathy.radiculomyelopathy.rectosigmoidectomy.rectosigmoidoscopy.More items…

What’s a bad word that starts with R?

The R-word is a form of hate speech that stands for “retard,” “retarded,” or other offensive words ending in “-tard.” While “mental retardation” was originally introduced as a medical term in 1961 for people with intellectual disabilities, in the decades since, the R-word has become an insult used all too commonly in …

What are good words that start with R?

READY LIST OF POSITIVE ADJECTIVES STARTING WITH RRacy having characteristic quality or taste; vigorous; lively.Rad excellent; wonderful.Radiant emanating great love, joy, happiness or health; emitting light or heat; bright.Rapid very quick or swift; advancing with speed or haste.More items…

What word starts with R that describes someone?

Adjectives that start with R to describe a person include:Radiant.Red.Rich.Rude.Ruthless.Regular.Roiled.Riled.Mar 5, 2019

What easy words start with R?

Letter R Word items…

What is a word for R?

Words Start With “R”WordTypeMeaningRacyadjectiveLively and excitingRadiantadjectiveShining or glowing brightly, showing joy or healthRaffishadjectiveSlightly disreputableRakishadjectiveDashing, but slightly disreputable in appearance46 more rows

How many R words are there?

There are 14507 words beginning with R.

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