Question: What Is The Full Form Of Fuel?

What is another word for Will?

What is another word for will?desirewishmindpreferenceinclinationintentionpleasuredispositionfancyintent59 more rows.

What is the another term for burning fuel?

1 blazing, fiery, flaming, flashing, gleaming, glowing, hot, illuminated, scorching, smouldering. 2 ablaze, afire, all-consuming, ardent, eager, earnest, fervent, fervid, flaming, frantic, frenzied, impassioned, intense, passionate, vehement, zealous.

What are the 3 types of fuel?

There are three types of fossil fuels which can all be used for energy provision; coal, oil and natural gas. Coal is a solid fossil fuel formed over millions of years by decay of land vegetation. When layers are compacted and heated over time, deposits are turned into coal.

What is fuel made of?

Gasoline is a fuel made from crude oil and other petroleum liquids. Gasoline is mainly used as an engine fuel in vehicles. Petroleum refineries and blending facilities produce motor gasoline for sale at retail gasoline fueling stations.

What is another word for fuel?

Synonyms of fuelkindling,propellant.(also propellent)

Which gas is used in petrol?

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), also called LP gas, any of several liquid mixtures of the volatile hydrocarbons propene, propane, butene, and butane. It was used as early as 1860 for a portable fuel source, and its production and consumption for both domestic and industrial use have expanded ever since.

Who uses diesel?

Diesel engines in trucks, trains, boats, and barges help transport nearly all products people consume. Diesel fuel is commonly used in public buses and school buses. Diesel fuel powers most of the farm and construction equipment in the United States.

Is a diesel engine better than petrol?

Financial: diesel engines are more efficient and use 15−20% less fuel meaning cheaper running costs. … For newer diesel cars though, tax is typically higher than for petrol. Driving experience: diesel cars offer more low-speed torque which means they have better overtaking power and towing ability.

What is the full meaning of fuel?

Fuel is a substance such as coal, oil, or petrol that is burned to provide heat or power. They ran out of fuel. … industrial research into cleaner fuels. Synonyms: petrol, oil, gas [US, Canadian, New Zealand], gasoline [US] More Synonyms of fuel.

What is full form of diesel?

Petroleum diesel, also called petrodiesel, or fossil diesel is the most common type of diesel fuel.

Which fuel is ideal fuel in home?

Natural GasNatural Gas is as close as you can get to an ideal fuel. It requires minimal processing before use and it has high calorific value. Due to its gaseous state, it mixes with oxygen easily for more efficient combustion.

How many types are fuel?

ChemicalPrimary (natural)Secondary (artificial)Solid fuelswood, coal, peat, dung, etc.coke, charcoalLiquid fuelspetroleumdiesel, gasoline, kerosene, LPG, coal tar, naphtha, ethanolGaseous fuelsnatural gashydrogen, propane, methane, coal gas, water gas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, CNG

How many types of diesel are there?

Standard diesel fuel (sometimes called diesel oil) comes in two grades: Diesel #1 (or 1-D) and Diesel #2 (or 2-D). Just as gasoline is rated by its octane, diesel fuel is rated by its cetane, which indicates how easy it is to ignite and how fast it burns. The higher the cetane number, the more volatile the fuel.

What is the opposite of fuel?

Opposite of to add fuel to (a fire) extinguish. douse. dowse. smother.

Which is the primary fuel?

Primary fuels or primary energy sources are dense sources of primary energy found as natural resources. Primary fuels are fuels that are found in nature and can be extracted, captured, cleaned, or graded without any sort of energy conversion or transformation process.

What is good fuel?

A fuel is considered good or desirable when it has a low ignition temperature and generates a significant amount of heat. It reflects it high in its calorific value. Ideal fuels should be easy to store, leaving behind ash after they are burned and quickly combust.

Is petrol a fuel?

Gasoline, also spelled gasolene, also called gas or petrol, mixture of volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum and used as fuel for internal-combustion engines. It is also used as a solvent for oils and fats.

How fuel is formed?

FOSSIL FUELS FORM. After millions of years underground, the compounds that make up plankton and plants turn into fossil fuels. Plankton decomposes into natural gas and oil, while plants become coal. Today, humans extract these resources through coal mining and the drilling of oil and gas wells on land and offshore.