Question: What Is Another Word For Land?

What do we call a big chunk of land?



a large area of land..

What is the concept of land?

CONCEPT OF LAND. • Agenda 21 has defined Land as a physical entity in. terms of its topography and spatial nature thus. including natural resources like the soil, minerals, water and biota existing on the land.

What is the full meaning of land?

The definition of land is the part of the surface of the Earth that is solid ground and not water. An example of land is the area where you are standing on the ground right now. An example of land is the plot that your house is located on. noun. 0.

What is the full form of land?

LAND Full Form is Learning And Nurturing Development.

How do you give someone a piece of land?

If it’s time to sell or give your property as a gift, a deed is the way to go. But you won’t want to just pull a do-it-yourself form off the internet and sign it. A deed is a legal document and must be drafted and signed according to the laws of your state.

What do you call a small area of land?

lot. noun. mainly American a small area of land used for a particular purpose.

How would you describe dry land?

Land that is extremely dry because rain has not fallen for a long time is often said to be parched: parched earth/fields. Sun-baked, meanwhile, describes land that is hard and dry because it has received so little rain for so long: The sun-baked earth was full of cracks. Other words describe the shape of the land.

What is another term for land?

land (adjective) Earth (noun) Edwin Herbert Land (noun) acres (noun) body politic (noun)

What is land in simple words?

1 : the solid part of the surface of the earth. 2 : an area of ground or soil of a particular kind fertile land. 3 : a part of the earth’s surface marked off by boundaries They bought some land. 4 : a country or nation your native land.

How do you describe a piece of land?

Describing Words Here are some adjectives for land spread: vast, rich, broad fertile, green and peaceful, grass-covered, crumpled, bleak, fertile, dry, flat, shadowy, open, peaceful, solid, southern, rich, vast, different, strange, whole, green. You can get the definitions of these adjectives by clicking on them.