Question: What Does Reek Mean In Old English?

How do you use reek?

Reek in a Sentence 🔉It was discovered that a gallon of milk had spilled all over the car, making it reek.

The garbage cans needed to be cleaned when they began to reek.

After camping for two weeks without properly showering, I started to reek.

The kitchen began to reek because he neglected to take out the garbage.More items….

How do you spell reek as in smell?

Reek means smells strongly unpleasant, a terrible stench. Reek may be used as a noun or verb, related words are reeks, reeked, reeking, reeky, reekingly. Reek may also be used in a figurative sense, to describe something unpleasant. Reek is derived from the Old English word rēocan which means to emit smoke or vapor.

What part of speech is reek?

reekpart of speech:nounpart of speech:intransitive verbinflections:reeks, reeking, reekeddefinition 1:to emit or be permeated by a strong, disagreeable odor (often fol. by “of”). His breath reeked of alcohol.The basement reeked of mold. synonyms: smell, stink similar words: fume5 more rows

Whats the opposite of reek?

Opposite of a foul smell. aroma. fragrance. perfume. sweetness.

Is reak a word?

noun. A prank; a playful or capricious trick, a riotous practice.

What is a sentence for reek?

Reek sentence example They reek of decay and death. You reek of Darkyn’s power. If zinc be heated to near its boiling-point, it catches fire and burns with a brilliant light into its powdery white oxide, which forms a reek in the air (lana philosophica, ” philosopher’s wool”).

What is the meaning of reek?

1 : to emit smoke or vapor. 2a : to give off or become permeated with a strong or offensive odor a room reeking of incense. b : to give a strong impression of some constituent quality or feature a neighborhood that reeks of poverty. 3 : emanate.

Is reek a slang word?

Reek most commonly means to give off a strong, unpleasant odor, as in Your socks reek, dude. … While wreak is only ever used as a verb, reek can also be used as a noun meaning a strong, unpleasant smell, though this use is much less common.

Is a strong reek positive or negative?

Here’s an example of reek as a noun: The reek from the dirty laundry was so strong, she could smell it from the hallway. Eew. Reek may also mean “to emit” or “to have an air of.” This sense is usually used with negative qualities, while exude tends to be matched with positive ones.

Why is Theon called reek?

Theon finally begs Ramsay to kill him as an escape from the nightmare, but Ramsay tells him he is much more valuable to him alive. Ramsay renames Theon “Reek”. He renames him “Reek” (because he smells bad) and demands that Theon say that his name is Reek.

What does reeking havoc mean?

: to cause great damage A powerful tornado wreaked havoc on the small village.

What is the past tense of reek?

Reek verb formsInfinitivePresent ParticiplePast Tensereekreekingreeked

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