How Do You Use Desperately?

How do you use desperation in a sentence?

Desperation sentence exampleThe desperation in her voice drew his attention.

In desperation , I turned on the tape recorder which had run to its end.

He heard the edge of desperation in her voice.

Desperation crept over her.

Claire screamed again, batting at him in desperation to escape.More items….

What does a desperate woman act like?

The desperate woman will act as if she had no life before you came along. She will agree with your every opinion, adopt your concerns and interests, and participate in your life as if she always has. She’ll become best friends with your friends and try to turn them into her advocates.

Is it good to be desperate?

It is OK to be desperate. It is not OK not to do something about it. The world is full of opportunities, unless your desperation becomes evident in every talk you talk and every move you make. Only when you really want something, you get it.

What is a state of desperate need?

the state of being desperate or of having the recklessness of despair. the act or fact of despairing; despair.

How do you use the word instead?

Instead is an adverb and means ‘as an alternative’. We can use instead at the beginning or the end of a clause, although in spoken English it is more common at the end. Holidays in Italy are too expensive so we’re going to Greece instead.

How can you tell if someone is desperate?

We’ve cooked up this short guide to help you keep yourself in check.Desperate Daters are ALWAYS available. … Desperate Daters are clingy. … Desperate Daters need constant relationship status updates. … Desperate Daters fish for compliments. … Desperate Daters Drop Their Friends. … Desperate Daters Drop Their Standards.More items…•Dec 9, 2009

What does Despite mean?

Definition of despite (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : the feeling or attitude of despising someone or something : contempt. 2 : malice, spite. 3a : an act showing contempt or defiance.

Why is being desperate a bad thing?

The problem with desperation is that it puts a lot of pressure on the other person to fill some void for this desperate person. Most people aren’t looking for a project, they just want someone to enhance their life and experiences. Desperate people often only have one goal in mind. … You want to get to know the person.

How do you act interested but not desperate?

19 Ways To Get Him To Chase You (And Not Come Off As Desperate)12 Cool off on social media use.13 A little flirting goes a long way. … 14 Show your body but not too much skin. … 15 Never tolerate bad behavior. … 16 In public, never approach him first. … 17 Stay busy and value your time. … 18 Definitely don’t do it too soon. … 19 Charm him with confidence. … More items…•Oct 3, 2017

What can I say instead of despite?

What is another word for despite?regardless ofin spite ofeven thougheven withfor allin contempt ofin defiance ofin the face ofnotwithstandingundeterred by30 more rows

How do you use deliberately?

Deliberately sentence exampleYou’re deliberately missing the point. … Someone had deliberately mis-marked their return route. … Slowly and deliberately he threw her a kiss. … Brandon was deliberately ignoring them. … You did this deliberately , didn’t you?More items…•Aug 12, 2004

What is the purpose of Despite?

In each of these examples, despite is being used as if it were a conjunction, to introduce a noun clause. The function word despite is a preposition. The preposition despite is followed by a noun or a noun phrase, never a clause. Court Says Man Owes $30K Child Support Despite Proof He’s Not The Father.

What part of speech is deliberately?

deliberatepart of speech:adjectiverelated words:balance, chew, contemplate, reason, thinkpart of speech:intransitive verbpronunciation:dih lIb reIt16 more rows

What does desperately mean?

1 : in a way that involves despair, extreme measures, or rashness : in a desperate manner struggling desperately desperately crying out. 2 : extremely, terribly desperately tired desperately important.

What’s another word for desperately?

other words for desperatelybadly.dangerously.fiercely.greatly.perilously.seriously.carelessly.dramatically.

What is despite in grammar?

Despite and in spite of, despite what you may have heard, work identically in a sentence. In other words, these two prepositions, in spite of what you may have heard, are basically identical. In most cases, both mean “notwithstanding,” “even though,” or “regardless of.”

Is desperate an emotion?

Desperation & Distress Distress and desperation are both emotions that someone can have who is seriously in trouble. They are both characterized by being overwhelmed, not knowing what to do, and if possible, finding others to help you.

What does deliberately paced mean?

To deliberate means to carefully think or talk something through — it also means slow and measured, the pace of this kind of careful decision making. If you chose deliberately, you make a very conscious, well-thought-through choice.