How Do You Spell Coddle?

What is Codle?

Coddle (sometimes Dublin coddle; Irish: cadal) is an Irish dish which is often made to use up leftovers, and therefore without a specific recipe.

The dish is braised in the stock produced by boiling the pieces of bacon and sausages..

What does it mean to coddle a child?

to treat tenderly; nurse or tend indulgently; pamper: to coddle children when they’re sick. to cook (eggs, fruit, etc.) in water that is just below the boiling point; cook gently.

What is the opposite of coddle?

soothe. Verb. ▲ Opposite of to prepare or cook, especially by boiling or infusing in hot liquid. dehydrate.

What does coddle mean in cooking?

In cooking, to coddle food is to heat it in water kept just below the boiling point. In the past, recipes called for coddling fruit, but in recent times the term is usually only applied to coddled eggs.

Where can I buy coddle in Dublin?

The Hairy Lemon on Stephens Street is an excellent example of a pub that offers some of the best traditional Irish cuisine in the city. This includes of course a steaming bowl of coddle. They call it their ‘Famous Dublin Coddle’ and it has certainly received good notices over the years.

What is the difference between coddle and cuddle?

Coddling (pronounced “kawd-dlihng”) is a gerund form of the verb coddle. To coddle means when one person treats another in a diminutive, patronizing, or babying way. … Cuddling (pronounced “kuhd-dlihng”) is a gerund form of the verb cuddle.

Is coddle a negative word?

While it is okay for parents to coddle, spoil, or pamper a young child, it’s a little unnerving when parents coddle, or pamper adult children. … Coddle is an old word. Originally, it meant to cook gently in water that is near boiling, as in coddling an egg.

Is coddle an American word?

coddle | American Dictionary to protect and treat someone or something with great care: The coach does not coddle his players.

What should you not say to your child?

Speaking gently: 20 things you should never say to your children1. “ Stop crying, you’ll be fine” … “I do everything for you” … “You did well but you could do better” … “Don’t eat that or else you’re going to get fat” … “It’s not that big of a deal” or “Stop being such a baby” … “Do I have to tell you this 100 times?” … “Big girls/boys don’t do that” … “That’s only for boys/girls”More items…•Aug 20, 2018

Is it bad to cuddle your toddler too much?

It’s good for both you and your baby. In general, physical contact with a loved one in a time of anxiety or stress decreases the stress response in the body and brain, for both babies and adults. So snuggle your precious baby as much as you can, there is no such thing as loving them too much!

At what age do babies cuddle?

Summary: Babies as young as two months know when they are about to be picked up and change their body posture in preparation, according to new research.

How do you use cosset in a sentence?

Children need to be cosseted. He cosseted her with flowers and champagne. She had been cosseted by her parents all during her childhood. It is designed to cosset its crew. In her motherly concerned way, she was cosseting him as he tried to pick up the pieces of his life.More items…•Apr 8, 2017

What does it mean to coddle a person?

disapproving : to treat (someone) with too much care or kindness. See the full definition for coddle in the English Language Learners Dictionary. coddle. verb. cod·​dle | \ ˈkä-dᵊl \